I made a Steam game using Streamlit


I wanted to thank the community and also let them know I used Streamlit to create a Steam game. Streamlit made it so easy to get the UI up and I am an AI engineer so I was able to write the backend code quick for the language model powering the roleplaying chat. It was a lot of fun and I’m excited to build it into a full game. I’m hoping the roleplaying community can help me understand what they would want out of a full game. As of now it is just a chat interface for roleplaying. You can test it out at MyAIs.ai if you’d like.

Please let me know what you think of it and if there are any Streamlit features you think I could use to make it better. I learned a lot about Streamlit making this and it is really a great tool, but I did run into some limitations, such as the discover page. It is very hard to make a responsive row. Preferably I would have horizontal scrolling but that was very hard. Any ideas for a better look would be very helpful. The modals were also a little weird to implement, but I think they work well now.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Please wishlist on Steam to support. Thanks!