Can you monetize streamlit apps?

Hey guys, just came across Streamlit and I’m stunned. This looks amazing compared to the Flask app I’ve been hacking together for the past month. However, before I abandon ship and go all-in learning another framework I’ve got to ask…

Is Streamlit only for doing ML & data science locally, or could you deploy a Streamlit web app into production, serve it via URL, and charge customers to use it?

Regarding question 1+2 yes. See

Regarding question 3. I would not know how to do that.

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Awesome, @Marc. If 1+2 are true, there are countless ways to gate the URL and charge users for access. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Here is a tutorial, which worked well for me to publish your app on aws-ec2. There are similar tutorials for other cloud solutions.


For Monetization part I have a work-around
If you are on some public telegram groups which give you free courses or movies they rather monetize the link (its a redirect link)
you can use and earn money through redirects to your streamlit website (not sure how much you can earn, havent tried it at all), but this is a bad practice to mislead users too

Upon quick google search I came across this ( its a py wrapper for GoogleLeads but again skeptical on how you would integrate in streamlit without breaking its architecture (Do let me know if you do so !)