Cannot import pyaudio while deploying my app

I have been working on a code that uses speech to text functionality of SpeechRecognition library python.

The code works well in my local machine but it is not being deployed on streamlit. There seems to be a error in building pyaudio wheel. Attached image contains the error.

After going through some blogs, I added packages.txt that has python3-all-dev,
portaudio19-dev and requirements.txt that has streamlit ,SpeechRecognition == 3.10.1 and PyAudio .

I do not know what is the issue because everything works well in my local machine.

  • This works, see link below :arrow_down:
  • Do a reboot of the app

Hey, I added it.

As you can see there are two packages in packages.txt file.

Still not worling.

  • remove the python3-all-dev package
  • do a reboot of the app

I did…still same error.

Please share a link to your github repo.

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