Cannot Install the New Version of Streamlit (1.27.0/1.27.2)


Iโ€™m currently in a process of upgrading all of my Python libraries as I recently checked that there is a chat elements that can help boost the feature of my streamlit application. However, Iโ€™m struggling to install this version in my virtual environment since when I use pip install streamlit , it only installs the 1.12.0 not the recent.

I tried to install the github repository (pip install git+ and pip install but none worked.

FYI, my Python Version is 3.9.7

Hope you can help on this matter. Thanks a lot!

Once try installing using

pip install streamlit==1.27.2

If problem still persists revert back to this forum .

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, @sal_krishna1. Already tested it.

โ€œERROR: No matching distribution found for streamlit==1.27.2โ€

Hi @kenisthetic12 ,

I have tried installing in Google Collab, it installed with latest version i.e. 1.27.2

and the python version was 3.10

Once try the below code :

pip install --upgrade streamlit

If this doesnโ€™t work once check in the location of the installations.

Check the below discussion for upgradation

Hi @sai_krishna1,

I just created another environment in Anaconda where the Python version is 3.10.12 and it works with Streamlit==1.24.1

Thanks a lot!

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