Can't reboot my app

My app went to sleep due to inactivity but I can’t seem to re-wake my app.
I dont have access to it as well, it says “I have view-only access to this application” when I try to click on settings, delete or reboot.

Link to my app:
This is error when I open link:

Oh no.

Error running app. If this keeps happening, please contact support.

Can you get to the admin panel? (Click Sign In at the top right of the Streamlit Homepage. You should be able to reboot from your admin panel and that’s the easiest way to make sure it views you as logged in when you go to your app.

I am signed in but for some reason dont have admin access to this app.

Can you try opening a different browser or private session to retry logging in again to double check if a cookie has gone rogue?

Do you have any other accounts it might have been registered under that you can try the same way?

(And maybe see about logging in with Google vs GitHub first.)

Hmm, seems like it still isnt working. I tried different browsers and private session. Also logged in two different ways.
No I dont have any other account, I just use google to login which is connected to github

Well dang. I guess I’m out of suggestions unless making a trivial change on GitHub will prompt it to detect the change and reboot itself…

Otherwise, maybe a staff member can confirm how the app is registered if it’s not showing up under your account. Sorry I can’t be more help.

No worries, thanks for help.
Hopefully a staff responds and checks that.

Found issue, I had two very identical github repos. I accidentally deleted the correct one and hence it didnt load on streamlit