Change in session storage is not reflected with st_javascript

Hello, I am using st_javascript in order to set, get or remove items in session storage.
Here I have created a page to showcase the problem I am having.

I have created 2 buttons one will set a session storage and one will clear it and below I have used get to print the session storage.
Now when I click set Item

As we can see a new item is now in the session storage but it is not reflected in the get and even after rerun it still doesn’t shows anything.
But when I reload the page from the top left

It start showing it.
Same goes when I remove item and rerun it stays there but when reload the page only then it updates.

How can I solve this as I can’t use it like this.

Code snippet:

import streamlit as st
from streamlit_javascript import st_javascript

jdata = '''{"type": "AdaptiveCard","$schema": "","version": "1.6","body": []}'''
if st.button("setitem"):
        f"sessionStorage.setItem('test', JSON.stringify({jdata}));"
if st.button("removeitem"):


Can anyone help I am trying to get data from session storage?