Change the url from streamlit

Hello everybody!

Does anyone knows if it is possible the change the url, after we deploy a web app?

For example, my url is:

But i would like to create an easier one…

Thanks in advance!


Hi @thiagobellotto -

This is one of the features on our 2022 roadmap, but currently there is no way to add a nicer url to an existing app.



Thanks for letting me know, @randyzwitch !


Hello , in the same logic is it possible to edit the content of deployed app ?

If not , is there a way to redeploy replacing the new by the former ?

I just have seen that we have “view only access” ;; Actually , we should be free to keep the app , edit or delete it.

Thank you to take this comment into account.

Waiting for the new feature to release ; thank you all for the work

Hi @randyzwitch, related to this post. Since this morning, the stable url of my app is not working anymore. Instead now when I want to get the share link I get this one:

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I have the same problem. What has happend?