How to change the path of the streamlit app in streamlit cloud

Is it possible to change the path of the python script which has the streamlit code in the deployed version? Or do I have to create new app? My current app has a lot of viewers and I want to retain it, while changing the path of the streamlit app.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to do this without re-deploying your app. However, you should be able to keep your subdomain.

  1. Rename Script: Change the name of your existing Streamlit script to the desired name, for example, from to

  2. Redeploy: Deploy the updated script by pushing changes to your Git repository (if using GitHub) or uploading the script through the Streamlit sharing interface.

  3. Update Links: After redeployment, your app will be accessible at the new path based on the updated script name. Update any links or references to your Streamlit app to reflect the new URL.

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