Change the url from streamlit

Hello everybody!

Does anyone knows if it is possible the change the url, after we deploy a web app?

For example, my url is:

But i would like to create an easier one…

Thanks in advance!


Hi @thiagobellotto -

This is one of the features on our 2022 roadmap, but currently there is no way to add a nicer url to an existing app.



Thanks for letting me know, @randyzwitch !


Hello , in the same logic is it possible to edit the content of deployed app ?

If not , is there a way to redeploy replacing the new by the former ?

I just have seen that we have “view only access” ;; Actually , we should be free to keep the app , edit or delete it.

Thank you to take this comment into account.

Waiting for the new feature to release ; thank you all for the work

Hi @randyzwitch, related to this post. Since this morning, the stable url of my app is not working anymore. Instead now when I want to get the share link I get this one:


I have the same problem. What has happend?


multi page version of streamlit is revolutionary. (thanks from here :raising_hand_man:)

and Any progress about the topic?

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Not sure what the subdomains-based URL structure means to the share links. Our streamlit apps used to have a url structure, which was easy to share and keep track of. Now when we click the apps on the main page, we get style share urls. Is it possible to get the original style share links back?

Hi, can url of an existing app be changed now? I deployed an app a few days ago, but i want to rename repository on github and then get a new url.

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