Changed github branch name, but st app keeps looking at old branch

my repo is at

I changed the github branch with my st app to a different branch (main), using git push -u origin new-branch-name, and changing the default branch in github to new-branch-name.

Now the st app still uses the old code from the branch called main.

Other than deleting the app and starting over, is there another way to get streamlit to use the code from the new branch?

(I have other issues, but have to solve this one first)

Hey, @steveA :wave:
Did you move your app and its related files onto a new-branch after deploying on Streamlit Cloud? :eyes:

thanks, ShruAgarwal. you mean on github? Yes, the default branch on github is now new-branch

… and yes, I changed the default branch after deploying. The original deploy was a qualified success, and now it’s not working.

@steveA As you said that you have changed the branch after deployment, it is logical that your app will not work as intended. Instead, you could have created a new-branch-name with you changes and then must have deployed.

But, now you can delete your app that is functioning based on your previous-branch and deploy a new app by filling the new-branch-name. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this helps!

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