Changes to .streamlit/config.toml do not apply

Hi all,

I am running streamlit on a debian server. I am using a virtual python environment and installed streamlit there, so my streamlit is in the following folder: ~/python-environments/env/bin/

I would like to change the theme and colors of my application. As I found out, I have to change the config.toml file in the .streamlit folder.

After installation, there was no .streamlit folder available, so I created one in ~/python-environments/env/bin/.streamlit and in ~/.streamlit and created the config.toml file with my changes there. But in both cases the changes do not apply. When I change the config file in ~/.streamlit while running the application, I get a message that the file has changed, so I assume that it takes the config file from there. But still I do not understand why it does not apply the changes.

I am running the script in /home/APP using ~/python-environments/env/bin/streamlit run if this playes a role here.

Can anyone help me here?

EDIT: By accident I found out, that when using my phone to access my app, the config chances do apply. But on my PC where I developed the application, still the default dark theme applies. Has it something to do with streamlit knowing my PC and applying the standard dark theme automatically? How can I change that behavior?