Changing the pages name on a condition - multi-page apps

Hi everyone,
First thanks for developing this awesome tool, I really enjoy using Streamlit on a daily basis!
I have a question regarding multi-page apps.
My app has several pages and I have developed a French version of the app following this tutorial: How to build a multi-language dashboard with Streamlit | Dev Genius
Everything went well, except in the sidebar: as the page name is linked to the file name, the page name cannot be translated and the user cannot have a fluid experience as some text (the page names) remains in English… :cry:
Does anyone know how to rename a page dynamically (when the app is running)?
I would really use some help on this! Thanks a lot!!
Have a good day :sunny:

Hi @inesm,

You would need to rename the file in GitHub, which unfortunately isn’t super straightforward to do programmatically, but here are some resources on this topic:

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