Chat input widget. (st.chat_input) Error Message

Hi, I am building a Streamlit set of tools on different pages of a main app. The main app and pages all have a sidebar. On the page that I intend to use as a Chat Bot, I receive an error message when trying to use the Chat Input Widget when I try to run the app locally.

I am using the latest Streamlit and Python versions. As I mentioned, there is a sidebar, but I am placing the st.chat_input box in the main page area. I removed all columns from that area, but still am receiving this error.

Is the st.chat_input not allowed in the main body area if there is a sidebar present on the page? I didnโ€™t see any on this, but Iโ€™m hoping someone here can help me understand what I can do to maintain the sidebar while still taking advantage of this nice chat feature.

There is no problem using the following code in the main body:
with st.chat_message(โ€œuserโ€):
st.write(โ€œHello :wave:โ€)
st.line_chart(np.random.randn(30, 1))

Just when I try to use:

The error message I receive is:

line 308, in chat_input raise StreamlitAPIException(DISALLOWED_CONTAINERS_ERROR_TEXT)
streamlit.errors.StreamlitAPIException: st.chat_input() canโ€™t be used inside an st.expander, st.form, st.tabs, st.columns, or st.sidebar.

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