How to create a chat application in an layot like column / tab


Im looking for a workaround to put sreamlit chat within a tab or a column layout

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col1,col2 = stl.columns(2)
with col1:
st.chat_input ......

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From the docs:


Chat input can only be used once per app page and inside the main area of the app. It cannot be used in the sidebar, columns, expanders, forms or tabs. We plan to support this in the future.

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Hey @Rami_Mankevich

Just wanted to update release 1.31.0 is out and you can now put chat features in containers, the side bar, tabs, expanders, the bottom of the page and more! Check out the docs to learn more.

Looking forward to seeing your apps with these new features! Feel free to share them here on the forum. :smiling_face: