Check your requirements.txt file with pip-dry-run

This may be a terrible and unreliable idea, but here goes…

In order to help people with their environment configuration on Streamlit Cloud, I’m often curious how their requirements files resolve. Since pip supports doing a dry run in recent versions, I took a pass at creating a Streamlit app that utilizes this to figure out how Streamlit Cloud in particular will resolve a requirements file.

I’ve deployed my app on each of the different versions of Python in case that will produce different results. I present to you:

Latest Python Version (currently 3.11):

Feel free to test it out and let me know if it gives you accurate results. I do not have any requirements file in the associated repository, so my hope is that it will accurately report how the packages are resolved. The one concern I have its that I check for and update pip to gain the dry run functionality and hence might introduce some unexpected variation that way.

Other Python versions linked in the app’s sidebar

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I just pushed an update so it won’t fail horribly with multiple people using it simultaneously. :crazy_face:

Now…do I need to rename it since pip-check is a package on pypi? Probably, so… now it’s pip-dry-run instead.

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