Checkbox to download some data and trigger button


I would like to develop an app that shows one chart that contains multiples stocks simoultaneously taken from yahoo finance. The flow should be the following:

  • Choose the stocks from checkboxes;

  • Press a button that load into a list each stock checked;

  • Download from yahoo finance the time series of the stock selected and print in one chart

My issues are that I don’t know how to convert into a list all the checkboxes ‘checked’ and how to do a button that trigger it and then download the data.

Hey @Mattia_Bolognesi,

Some tips to get you started :

  • You can go from a list of checkboxes to list of checked stocks with some Python list manipulation. Example :
stocks = ["ST", "STR", "STREAM", "STREAMLIT"]

check_boxes = [st.sidebar.checkbox(stock, key=stock) for stock in stocks]

st.write([stock for stock, checked in zip(stocks, check_boxes) if checked])


  • run some code after triggering a button
checked_stocks = [stock for stock, checked in zip(stocks, check_boxes) if checked]

if st.button("Download data"):
    for stock in checked_stocks:
        download_data(stock) # <-- download data with requests for example for this stock

I remember some posts regarding stock download you can check for inspiration notably Stocks views which has a link to source code, notably a function for downloading stock data with yfinance.


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