Circular connection of slider and text_input

Hi all,
I’ve been spending some time with streamlit, and I love it! I’m building an app and hopefully v1 will be out soon so I can showcase it. However, at the moment I’m a bit stuck with a problem and would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions.

I’m not aware if there is a component that is a slider but can also accept manually inputted number, so I am trying to connect slider with text_input.

I’ve placed slider with text_input in the same row, and passing a value (val) from text_input to slider, and this part works:

    manual_inp_val, slider_value = st.sidebar.beta_columns([0.25,0.75])
    with manual_inp_val:
        val = float(st.text_input('Input:', '0.05'))

    with slider_value:
                        min_value = -1.00,
                        value = val,
                        max_value = 5.10,
                        step = 0.10)

How it works:
A value is places, slider updates, and items on dashboard update. Now, lets say I move the slider to a new value – however the text_input written value stays the same as previously input, doesn’t update, and I am aiming for them both to update themselves is one is changed. Otherwise it’s just confusing having these two features with different numbers… Does anyone know if such a thing is possible? Or any other suggestion that will have this functionality.

Additional note:
Why this widget? As user can update values with a slider and seeing an update on the dashboard, I do that in increments of lets say 0.5, however, maybe user will want to have a value which is 0.52 and in that case, user can enter wanted value.

While I am still wondering about the issue, for now I managed to go around it.
Realising that the above widget may be ‘Advanced’… For now I will use slider as a ‘Basic option’ for users, and place text_input in Advanced widget options.