Slider With Number Input

I can see there is no default option to have a slider which also supports manually typing in a number. Is there some way to accomplish this? I don’t mind if it’s a bit hacky as long as it works.

Also, I’d want to add this as a feature request if possible. This would be a simple yet powerful addition!

I’m loving Streamlit so far though, keep up the good work devs!

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Hi @MichaelSenescall, and welcome to the Streamlit Community! :raised_hands:

AFAIA, there’s currently no way to do this natively but @gagan3012 has done Streamlit-tags, a custom component to manual add tags in Streamlit.

You could probably follow the same logic for your slider idea.

Here’s a good place to get started with Streamlit Components.

Let us know how you go and happy Streamlitin’! :balloon:


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Cheers for the info! I’ll take a crack at making a component either this week or next. If I’m successful I’ll share the repo.


Sounds great @MichaelSenescall!

I can’t wait to see your output! :slight_smile: