Click URL to visit a new app within same window/tab is not working

Ok so I have this code within my main app. I want to user to click this URL and continue with the same window/tab.

Right now it just shows a blank page saying the page to visit doesn’t allow connection…Any idea how to fix this? :grinning: Thank you!!

st.markdown('Please <a href="" target="_self">click</a>', unsafe_allow_html=True)

Error in Firefox

Error in Chrome

Hey @John_K,

What version of Streamlit are you using?

Also… just curious: Is the app containing the link embedded? Possibly subtly through a whole-page frame? If so, a link to another Streamlit Community Cloud app within that same frame will need the embed query parameter set, I’d expect.

st.markdown('Please <a href="" target="_self">click</a>', unsafe_allow_html=True)
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Hi @Caroline I have the exact same issue, just wanna to set the link to open in the same tab as self target.
I tried many streamlit vertsions that didn’t fix it for me , last trial was using streamlit==1.8.1 and it also didn’t fix it for me as well. any suggestions to solve it. many thx

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