Clickable row in a dataframe

Hello there! I have seen a few similar questions in the forum but this one is a little bit different.

I am displaying a dataframe using streamlit and I would like the add the possibility of somehow clicking on a given row of the datafrane (irrespective of the column).

When the use does so, a whole new dataframe is shown. In a sense, clicking on a row triggers the creation of a (row-dependent) new dataframe.

Is this possible in streamlit?


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You can try third party component like Streamlit-Aggrid

thanks! but I would like to use a native streamlit product. Ag-rid seems overkill and does not seem to do what I need: refresh the dataframe when I click on a given row…

I’d like a native component to do that too, but it seems that the only way to solve this now is aggrid, and with changing mode of aggrid, you may succeed to react when you change selection

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