Create an new table after user clicks on a row of initial table

Hello all, today is literally my first day using streamlit and I really enjoy the flexibility of this application. I want to know if there a way to create a dashboard that shows the a user a table, and then if the user clicks on a row, it shows the user a new table with additional data of the selected row (preferably underneath the old table) ? If yes, could you tell me what packages I need to use?
Thank you!

Hi @user9056! Welcome on our forum :balloon: hoping you’re having a blast discovering Streamlit.

As of today, Streamlit’s st.dataframe() does not enable such behavior (callbacks after click events) although it’s in our minds and might land soon!

Meanwhile, @PablocFonseca released a very nice Streamlit Component called streamlit-aggrid which you can use with Streamlit, hence unlocking a whole lot of features for interactiveness with dataframes, including callbacks after click events! Simply install it using pip install streamlit-aggrid and remember to add this as an additional dependency.

Here’s an example app [view app] [source code] which nearly does what you’re looking for, building upon streamlit-aggrid!