How to create click events?

I Have a several questions for click events


Already saw check button in dataframe But I don’t want to check button

Just Click dataframe row Then occur events!!


IF Streamlit have that dataframe click event After Want to create another dataframe

My plan is that when people click on a row of the data frame, they will see a data frame showing relevant information next to it.

Hi there!
You can use the streamlit-aggrid custom module for callbacks after clicks. Though it is not exactly a dataframe, it creates an interactive table based on a dataframe. I think this post has the answer to your question:


Thank you for your appreciate

I’ll make a nice visualization

You can also get the same behavior with some hacks with session state and experimental_data_editor. This adds a column called “select”, and if you check one of the boxes, it puts the selected row into st.session_state["last_selected_row"]

import streamlit as st
from datetime import date
import pandas as pd
import random
import numpy as np

def get_data():
    return pd.DataFrame(
            "categorical": np.random.choice(
                ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "I"], 30
            "date": np.random.choice(
                pd.date_range(date(2023, 7, 1), date(2023, 7, 31)), 30
            "numerical": np.random.randint(1, 10, 30),

if "data" not in st.session_state:
    df = get_data()
    df["select"] = False
    st.session_state["data"] = df

if "editor_key" not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state["editor_key"] = random.randint(0, 100000)

if "last_selected_row" not in st.session_state:
    st.session_state["last_selected_row"] = None

def get_row_and_clear_selection():
    key = st.session_state["editor_key"]
    df = st.session_state["data"]
    selected_rows = st.session_state[key]["edited_rows"]
    selected_rows = [int(row) for row in selected_rows if selected_rows[row]["select"]]
        last_row = selected_rows[-1]
    except IndexError:
    df["select"] = False
    st.session_state["data"] = df
    st.session_state["editor_key"] = random.randint(0, 100000)
    st.session_state["last_selected_row"] = df.iloc[last_row]


last_row = st.session_state["last_selected_row"]

if last_row is not None:
    st.write("Last selected row:", last_row)
    st.write("Do something with that data...")
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