Code Tutor, the AI coding teacher - Instant customized coding lessons

:loudspeaker: Introducing Code Tutor: Your Personal Coding Assistant!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to unveil CodeTutor. The mission? Making it a breeze for anyone—from beginner programmers to seasoned software engineers—to quickly receive answers and grasp concepts while they’re knee-deep in their own projects. CodeTutor is all about teaching, not preaching; the goal is to learn! Answers aren’t simply spat out, they’re explained. Say goodbye to those head-scratching moments when you’re lost in complicated API docs, or can’t figure out why your code keeps throwing an error. CodeTutor serves you concise and tailored lessons, code suggestions, examples, and resources on the fly!

:hammer_and_wrench: Tech Stack

Backend: #Python :snake:
Frontend: Streamlit:globe_with_meridians:
LLM: OpenAI’s GPT-3, 4, & Vision🤖

:star2: Features

:blue_book: Context-based AI assistant (pre-engineered prompts)
:hammer_and_wrench: Real-time, lesson-like responses in various contexts (currently: API analysis, code assistance, code conversion, PEP 8 standardization)
:floppy_disk: All lessons are downloadable as Markdown files, so you can keep 'em for quick reference (compile your own knowledge base!)

:sparkles: Introducing conversations to Code Tutor! Now, you can deep-dive into topics, ask follow-up questions, and enjoy a seamless learning chat that feels as natural as classroom dialogue – all thanks to the integration with the session-state API.

What does this mean?
:point_right: Persistent convo history - No more repeating yourself; history is saved even when switching between lesson contexts.
:point_right: Tailored learning - Every question you ask sharpens the AI’s understanding of your learning style.
:point_right: Dynamic dialogue - More than a Q&A session, it’s an interactive learning dialogue.

:fire: Other Additions/Enhancements:

  • Code Conversion: SQL translation has levelled up! Expect your natural language prompts to be transformed into efficient, concise SQL statements, now with smart use of advanced functions for that extra edge in data handling.

:soon: Upcoming:

  • Quiz Center: Get ready for personalized quizzes generated on any topic you’re tackling. It’s targeted learning that adapts to your progress.

:link: Check it Out!
The web app is live here Code Tutor
GitHub repo available here (full documentation pending): LinkedIn


@Andre-Codes - nice app! I tried a few coding issues reported in this forum in your app and it worked pretty much as I’d expect.

You say above that the code is available, but the repo appear to be private. Not a problem, but I thought I’d let you know.

Great! I tried some prompt injection and it didn’t work, the tutor told me it could get me intro trouble and get me to the principal’s office, lol

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for letting me know about the private repo. I’ll be making it public again as soon as possible.

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