Open Source Coding Assistant

I’ve created a Python + Langchain + Streamlit GUI Agent (for OpenAI API use) which does refactoring on code, and answers questions about code. It reads your project files directly, and modifies them directly. As you chat with OpenAI via the Streamlit GUI, the app will be making whatever refactoring changes to your code you’ve asked for!

Of course there are several other Virtual Software Engineer projects and Coding Agents, but I’m thinking the power-to-weight ratio of this one is off the charts! It’s under 1000 lines of code, and based on Langchain could be made to work against pretty much any LLM (although only currently supports OpenAI)

From Github README:

A tool to automate querying AIs (LLMs) about your codebase, which can also automatically refactor your actual project files, from high level human language instructions of what changes you’d like to make. You can ask the tool anything about your project, ask for any kind of refactoring you’d like to do in your project, or even ask the tool to create entirely new projects all on it’s own.

Project QuantaAgent



To the 3 people I managed to get to “like” this post (haha), as of yesterday that project is now using the latest and greatest Langchain Agents and Tools way of updating files! …whereas before I was doing it all without any actual Langchain Agents.