Codex for Streamlit?

Anyone have a project for creating Streamlit apps Using OpenAI Codex or Github Pilot?

This would be nice but, you need an Api key to get started

A streamlit app to build streamlit apps? Let’s build this.


I have an API key for Codex and am just getting started on streamlit.

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Writepy has done a great Streamlit app with Codex! :balloon:

Check it out!

cc @fcossio

This is an awesome idea, @fcossio, and I plan to do this during our next Streamlit corporate hackathon. Please let me know if you’re interested!

Here’s another cool example, brought to us by our own @Charly_Wargnier! :heart:

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Maybe a bit late, when will this happen, and how long is the hackathon? I might be interested

Hi @fcossio -

This hackathon was an internally scheduled company event that happened a few weeks back. Stay tuned in 2022 though, we’re brainstorming how we might do a large public event!