Component having trouble loading inside EC2


I have built a streamlit app using a custom react component. I have deployed the app on AWS EC2 using a docker compose.

Although the app is running perfectly locally, the following warning appears in the EC2 :

It is persistent when I reload the page.

First I thought it was a connectivity issue between the app container and the node container but a wget from the streamlit app achieves to get a response :

I have read that it could be related to the streamlit version but I have tried multiple versions and the problem is still there. Now I’m using 1.25.0 with python 3.9.

Then, I considered it was a network latency problem and used the solution given is this thread ( Connection timed out - on high latency networks · Issue #2312 · streamlit/streamlit · GitHub ) and including it in the docker file of the streamlit app, before the run command. However, nothing has changed.

I am now out of ideas. Has anyone faced the same issue and has came out with a solution ?

Thanks in advance !

Hi @Lo_illo

It seems to be a timeout on the component’s iframe as explaiend in the following related forum post:

Hope this helps!

Hello @dataprofessor

Thank you for your reply.

As advised by @ti, I have looked at the error window and noticed no error in the console tab. However, in the network tab, the request sent for the component at URL http://front:3000/?streamlitUrl=<my_streamlit_app_url> has not been resolved.

Here is the request header :


Can the issue be related to that strict-origin-when-cross-origin strategy ? And if yes, is there a way to modify the referrer in streamlit ?

Hey @Lo_illo, :wave:

Wanted to let you know the latest Streamlit version 1.32.2 is out and includes a significant improvement for custom components! The timeout warning was replaced with an element skeleton to improve the UX for slow-loading components, especially in some cloud-hosted platforms.

Feel free to install the latest version and let us know how it goes!

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