Trouble loading the streamlit_ace.ace component

I have a strange problem that occurs randomly.
I have deployed a streamlit app that uses streamlit_ace editor. When I visit the web page, I get the following error
sometimes and other times it works fine!

Your app is having trouble loading the streamlit_ace.ace component.

(The app is attempting to load the component from **, and hasn't received its "streamlit:componentReady"** message.)

If this is a development build, have you started the dev server?
If this is a release build, have you compiled the frontend?

I have it deployed here and here
It works consistently when run from my laptop with the exact same dependency and versions installed.
here’s the output when the app is run locally.

I don’t think this is an issue with streamlit-ace, however, I had posted an issue here
If it helps, the source is hosted here

I am hoping someone here might recognise the issue and guide me.

Hi @iamashwin99 , did you solve this? I’m having the same issue

No, I had no luck, could you explain the circumstance of your issue, maybe we can trace commonalities