Component not working on RELEASE

I am quiet new on Streamlit, but I am in love with the concept :grin:
I am trying to set up the following component. It is basically to draw 2D molecules inside Streamlit Apps using JSME. But I am stuck when I am trying to release it.
If I go to frontend locally and:

npm install
npm start

and them run the component as streamlit run on this directory; everything is working as expected if _RELEASE = False. However, if then I create the build in the frontend as: npm run build and change _RELEASE = True, I am getting:

(The app is attempting to load the component from ****, and hasn’t received its "streamlit
" message.)

I already solved the issue. I am not completely sure what is the solution because I changed many things in the project. My feeling is that may be related: with the version specification of the dependencies, the build script used and/or the deffinition of the homepage. All of this in the package.json.
If you are interested, take a look here