React custom component: ./frontend/build, and hasn't received its "streamlit:componentReady" message


I tried to embed React DataGrid table to streamlit (thanks for the examples here and this tutorial), the development environment works fine, however the production shows the following error.

I googled similar issues. My Streamlit version is the latest, 1.4.0 (don’t think it caused by timeout), and didn’t use st.columns in the code. It shows the same error in Streamlit Cloud. Couldn’t find any other possible answers for this problem…

Much appreciate your help!

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I’m having the same issue with 1.3.1 version.
When I run my React component locally it works fine, but when I’m setting the _RELEASE to point to “frontend/build” path - I get the “streamlit:componentReady”** message.
(In my case, it shows ** and not the path to the build folder).

Any help would be appreciated!

Hello, I have also run into this problem. Any solutions around?