Config.toml file not working when app is deployed

Hello. So I have my config.toml file in the following path “C:\Users\aekap.streamlit\config.toml” and my main python file in the following path “C:\Users\aekap\killme\”
In my config.toml file, I just have the following code:
maxUploadSize = 1000
When I open my app locally using streamlit run command, it works and allows me to upload files up to 1000mb, but when I deploy the app through the website, it still says 200mb. I also think I’m confused with what files need to be in the github repository?
Thanks for the help!

If you are deploying to Streamlit Cloud, it knows nothing about what is in your computer. It only knows what is in the repository. If you want the deployed application use a config file, it must be in the repository.

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