Connections Hackathon

If you click on my profile, there should be a “Message” button in the top right corner

I used the flag functionality to send you the email address I used for my submission because I apparently don’t have unlocked all functionalities including DM since I’m a new user on Streamlit Community :sweat_smile:
Sorry for all the inconvenience and thanks again!

No worries! Thank you!

Could you also have an option to include all genres without having to select all of them one by one?

I was thinking about this, but I assumed the game would be too difficult with all the genres included. I haven’t tried it though!
Personally, I found anything more than 3-4 of the genres I know best was too many.

When can we expect the results.

@tonykip I submitted my app on August 4th but until Today no one from Streamlit check it out :pensive: !! Did you really receive my submission ?

Hey @MedMah, your app was this one, right? We’ve reviewed all submissions and will be posting the winners in just a few minutes.

I was also wondering on this… the analytics for my app says there have not been any viewers, unless the Streamlit team views are stealthy :slight_smile: ?

I promise we did review every single submission. It took a really long time :smiley: We received a ton of amazing entries!

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@Caroline yes, I added inside a button to insert data into database before using the app to know if you check the app, and now when you shared the link of the app, someone clicked on the button right now and I dont know if it was you or someone else :stuck_out_tongue:

As I mentioned, we did review every entry (and I see your entry in our table with the judge’s feedback). Also worth adding that entries were judged both on the demo app and the actual Connection code that was submitted.

:mega: The winners have been posted on Twitter!

They’ve also been shared here, in addition to some other entries we really enjoyed. Please feel free to share your entry in that thread as well!

All entrants will receive a follow-up email today confirming your shipping address for swag.

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Congrats to the winners :tada: . @Caroline thank you for your reply but how they reviewed my entry without checking all the features (without inserting data into database) :confused: ?!

We did play with your app and we reviewed your GitHub repository. We really liked your app! We just received a ton of amazing entries so the competition was tough. I can’t speak to the specifics of whether the person judging clicked that specific button, but as I mentioned, the selection of winners was based on the quality of code for the Connection itself, the robustness of the demo app, and how well the Connection was documented in its README.

I hope that helps clarify.

Is it possible to share the judges’ feedbacks?

DM’ing you!

This should have been named “Apps-with-connection-Hackathon” not “Connections Hackathon” XD

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Even though I didn’t emerge as the winner, my love for Streamlit has grown stronger. <3


Looks like is private!! @Caroline