Reminder: Summit Hackathon ends tonight!

We’re nearing the end of the Summit Hackathon!

Thanks to our recently released feature st.experimental_connection (check out the blog post here), you can build an app that connects to data stored in Snowflake in just four lines of code :exploding_head:


The Summit Hackathon is an awesome opportunity to play around with this new feature AND potentially win a trip to Las Vegas for the Snowflake Summit conference (where you’ll hang out with me, other Streamlit team members, and the Streamlit founders :heart:)! And if you’re a Student Ambassador, you’ll also get a Streamlit T-shirt just for entering the Summit Hackathon :star_struck:

Get those entries submitted by midnight PST – happy hacking!

Edit: the winners have been announced here!


Hi Caroline - When can we expect to hear on the summit Hackathon result?

Hey @somakban, we’ve just announced the winners here!

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