Enter the Summit Hackathon! ⛰️

We’re stoked to announce another contest – the Summit Hackathon!

The Summit Hackathon is an asynchronous hackathon: you’re invited to build a Streamlit app, preferably one that connects to data stored in Snowflake or even a Streamlit app you’d use for work, and share that app with us by midnight on May 5th (We’ve extended the deadline! :partying_face:) to be eligible.

What are the rules?

  • Build a Streamlit app, preferably one that connects to data stored in Snowflake using the Snowflake Python Connector or Snowpark for Python. Snowflake’s Data Marketplace offers a variety of free data sources that you’re welcome to use, but you’re not limited to these datasets.
  • If it doesn’t connect to Snowflake, we recommend building a Streamlit app that you’d use in a work setting or meets a work need!
  • Enter the contest by sharing a link to your deployed app here by midnight on May 5th. Check out the terms of service here.

Need help to get started?

Now for the exciting part … the prize! :trophy:


Three semi-finalists will earn travel to Las Vegas for Snowflake Summit, which takes place on June 26th through June 29th, and dinner with the Streamlit founders in Vegas! The selected creators will also demo their awesome apps at Summit. :partying_face:


Hi @Caroline, why do the official rules on the snowflake website state the closing date is April 16th not April 30th? Which is correct?

@Amorts121 we just recently extended the deadline to May 5th! but the first 100 entries will get Streamlit stickers, so be sure to submit your entry soon!

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Great thanks for clarifying @Caroline!

My final question is how will the judges know if you’ve used some of the Streamlit functions mentioned in the official rules if they don’t see the source code?

@Caroline - what is the approach the judges will take regarding the source code question above please?

Happy to help while Caroline is out of office, @Amorts121 ! When submitting your app, there’s a field on the form for you to tell us more about how you built it and what functions & connection(s) you used. We’ll also reach out with any necessary follow-up questions to ensure you’ve met the requirements.


Hey @kristamuir thanks for picking this up and replying on behalf of Caroline!

Hey, I have an idea to build a transcompiler package that can convert a jupyter notebook to a streamlit app. I know this is not some app “built with streamlit”, but rather an extension for streamlit.
Does that also serve as a good candidate project?


Hey @yoshi,

Unfortunately the entries need to be Streamlit apps. That sounds awesome though, and you should definitely share it in the “Show the Community” category!

You could write a streamlit app where a user can upload a notebook and then see and download the streamlit app. I would love to try something like that.

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Is this contest expired? May 15th midnight assuming is 12:00 am?

@clownfishman It ends tonight at midnight (and now this song is stuck in my head)

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Thanks Caroline, found out from the Official Rules that it’s also PST (love to be in EST) LOL

2.1 Submission Period. The “Submission Period ” begins on April 3, 2023 at 12:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) and ends on May 5, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT. Please see Section 4 (How to Enter) for further information on the submission process.

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Hey @Caroline.
I sent an application. Am I supposed to get some kind of email confirmation from you?
Thanks :smiley:

Hey @JGustavo0,

You should have received a confirmation email, but the contest did end at midnight on May 5th, unfortunately

Hey @Caroline, I know it ended on May 5th (extended). But, I submitted it in April and did not receive any email. Could you check it, please?

Yes just replied to you on LinkedIn – you’re all set!

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Hello, i have submitted my application before the deadline line, however I didn’t get any confirmation neither any updates about the hackathon results. How can I check if my application was submitted successfully?

Hi Caroline, has the judging process for the summit apps been concluded.