Constructive Feedback: Suggesting Enhancements for the App Gallery Experience

A new app gallery was recently added to the main streamlit webpage. I believe there is room for improvement in the app gallery, as it currently faces some functional issues and doesn’t meet the expected quality standards.

At the moment, the most trending app is not working, and it even does not have any description of app functionality.

In general:

  1. What happened to the curated selection of apps?
  2. What influenced the decision to resign from the curated selection?
  3. Why are apps allowed in the gallery without any description?
  4. Is there someone controlling which apps are presented to the public?

Why am I even making a fuss about it? Because it undermines my efforts to make streamlit recognizable by business stakeholders as a viable business solution.


Hi Tom! :wave:

Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated!

We recently switched to a dynamic format because it allows us to showcase more apps and provide relevant information about them. In addition, we’ve added search and filtering options, which were missing in our previous static, curated version.

While we believe these changes will greatly benefit our community, they do come with their fair share of challenges. We’re actively working on tackling the hurdles you highlighted, such as identifying apps with errors or missing descriptions, among others.

Stay tuned for updates!

Best wishes,


Hi @Charly_Wargnier Thank you for getting back to me. In general, I am in favor of dynamic formats, but with some constraints :slight_smile: As streamlit grows, it is getting more and more important to make a good first impression. At the moment, we may lose some of the public as they may react “It’s an official gallery, and it’s not even working”. I understand, however, that new gallery it is an MVP, and hopefully in an iterative way, the abovementioned pain points will be addressed.


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