Upload my app in Streamlit Gallery

Hello, I am a big fun of streamlit and actually I work a lot in my company with Streamlit in our projects!
I have created a new custom component and an app for using it.
Could you upload it in your gallery?

The component is: GitHub - stavrostheocharis/streamlit-token-craft: Streamlit component
The app in streamlit cloud is: https://app-token-craft-example.streamlit.app/

Hi @stavrostheocharis,

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Streamlit! :partying_face:

@Jessica_Smith might be able to add your app to our gallery in the short term, but the gallery will soon dynamically generated, meaning it will automatically pull in the most popular apps, so unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee that your app will stay in the gallery long-term.


Thank you very much for yojr feedback! Even for a while it would be nice that the app could reach more people in the streamlit community! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @stavrostheocharis,

Thanks for sharing your component and app! You can now see it in the Streamlit gallery here. :partying_face:

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Thank you very much!!! :smiling_face:

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