Contributing to Streamlit

Hello Everyone!

Today I created my first Python Script using Streamlit to visualize online Feature Engineering techniques using Plotly Animations.

On the documentation is not available yet any practical example on how to integrate Plotly with Streamlit applications. Would you be happy to consider my script as an open-source contribution to this project?

My script is now available on my GitHub account at this link.

Looking forward to hearing from the community!


Hi pierpaolo28

That app looks awesome! We’d love to bring contributed apps into the project somehow. One idea would be to create a gallery page on our website where we’d list apps from out users, including GIFs, descriptions and Github links.

Another would be to create a repo for community-contributed examples. One example per folder, each example with its own, GIFs, etc.

What do you think?

Hi thiago,

Sure, sounds great! I would be more than happy to help!

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Hi @pierpaolo28

I like your app. You are also wellcome to create a pull request and share it here