Converting Audio Files from Lectures/Meetings to Markdown Notes | Web App

Hi, check out my streamlit deployment of the web app I made to auto-convert audio/video files from lectures/meetings into summarized markdown notes, which can save lots of time!

Check out the app on Streamlit-Cloud here !

Aim of the App

  1. To help students/working adults quickly convert lectures or meetings audio/video files into raw markdown notes, which they can then copy into any markdown editors or notetaking apps, instead of listening through the entire lecture/meeting again
  2. Handles both audio and video files supported by ffmpeg
  3. Uses state-of-the-art AI deep learning models from OpenAI including Whisper for audio transcription and GPT3.5 for summarizing and conversion to markdown notes.
  4. Uses pre-defined prompt engineering for conversion into lecture notes or meeting notes format. Also allows users to customize the prompts for their specific needs
  5. Able to handle large transcripts (lectures and meetings for few hours; > 4k tokens, which is the limit by GPT3.5) using chunking and summarization techniques.

The repo for the whole project is here .

If you like my work, please :star: my repo to support me. Thank you!

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