Lecture Summarization App with streamlit-player

I built an app to learn faster.

It displays a video, and then uses AssemblyAI to generate automatic chapter summaries and highlights. You can then skip to the corresponding time in the video.

I used the streamlit-player widget for this, because I needed functionality like play/pause, mute/unmute.

Tutorial: https://youtu.be/85KhuRqWkDI
Code: GitHub


Hey, @patrickloeber ,
woohhooo :partying_face: , glad to find you here .

Great App Patrick ! :smiley:
Thanks for sharing with us :smiley:

Haha, thank you!

@patrickloeber Awesome tutorial! Does AssemblyAI offer language translation API? Thanks

Hi, thank you for the feedback! It is not right now, but this is actually on our roadmap for the near future! You may want to keep an eye on our Audio Intelligence Features site. Is is listed under “coming soon”

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@patrickloeber Thank you, I use AWS Comprehend at work, but will check out AssemblyAI API

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@patrickloeber After uploading an mp3 audio file and cloning your tutorial repo, I was able to display chapters but did not see how `_highlights.json" was created in youtube-tutorials/main.py at main · AssemblyAI/youtube-tutorials · GitHub. Would you mind adding that logic to generate highlights json,

I also encountered another error when uploading mp4 file, does AssemblyAI only accept mp3 audio file at the moment?