Create two sidebars in multipage app

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I just went through the awesome feature of creating multi-page apps with ease based on this documentation:

Based on this I created similarly my multi-page application which currently has one sidebar as shown below

For my project, I have to create two sidebars which basically will have a few of pages for user input collection and another sidebar will be for visualization. Currently, I can only add two sidebars as a sub-page of my final page of the sidebar, which looks like this:

However, for this user need to come to last page which I have to unnecessarily create. I am looking for a solution which remove this dependency, so two sidebars co-exist from the beginning.

Looking forward to hearing your feedbacks.

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I may be misunderstanding your use case, but what about a button or toggle in the sidebar that toggles between “Show Results!” and “Change Input.” If a user changes the input selection, the app would automatically load that input page and go into input mode. The button in the sidebar would say “Show Results!” so the user could click it when they are done inputting. On a results view, the button would be available to say “Change Input” to go back into input mode.

Hi @mathcatsand , I understand what you suggested, but it will still be only one sidebar which dynamically changes. What I prefer for, two static sidebars from the beginning.

Hi @DebayanPaul93, I dont think you can have 2 sidebar in Streamlit (as yet). However, you can experiment with 1 sidebar and 1 option bar to see if it gives you the desired functionality.

Option bar links:

  1. hydralit-components · PyPI
  2. Streamlit-option-menu is a simple Streamlit component that allows users to select a single item from a list of options in a menu - #2 by andfanilo