Cross-site tracker on streamlit app?

I am hosting a streamlit app on an Amazon EC2 instance, and when I access the site using Brave browser I am alerted that a cross-site tracker is being blocked.

The address of the tracker is:

Is there a way to turn this tracker off? Is there anything about this tracking being enabled by default in the docs?

Would appreciate some more info on this.

From configuration docs

# Enables support for Cross-Origin Request Sharing (CORS) protection, for added security.
# Due to conflicts between CORS and XSRF, if `server.enableXsrfProtection` is on and `server.enableCORS` is off at the same time, we will prioritize `server.enableXsrfProtection`.
# Default: true
enableCORS = true

I guess this is what you are looking for.

Set gatherUsageStats = false in your configuration file.

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