Custom subdomain naming conventions & redirect

Hi st folks, 2 questions regarding the custom subdomains:

  1. It seems you are blocking custom subdomain names with “app” in the title. Guess intentional because “.app” is the domain name. But then again a lot of people will call their apps something like xxx-app etc, so if this isn’t super important for technical reasons or SEO could you maybe rethink this? Was trying to set up a custom subdomain for prettymapp.
    If not possible, a sentence in the docs on naming conventions/limitations, or giving a more explicit error message “The app name can not contain app” etc. instead of just “This subdomain is not available” would help.

  2. There was some discussion about redirects in the initial annoucements, any updates on that? I have e.g. some tweets and circulated presentations on prettymapp and would like to avoid people losing access.

Without redirect & possible “” app name I’ll probably just stick with the old generic domain. Not a big deal, also works. Thank you for your awesome work!

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