Data and app loading is very slow

I built an app using streamlit. When running it on another network, it takes a very long time to load and sometimes raises a connection error.
Here is my app link:
Here is my github link: GitHub - RDIRENA/plot

The app works fine when I opened the link. You have one unused library “openpyxl”, other than that, at a quick glance I do not see anything major.

@cualr Thank you for your reply. For some reason, if I do not add openpyxl, I can the following error: ImportError: Missing optional dependency ‘openpyxl’. Use pip or conda to install openpyxl.

That’s interesting, I do not see anywhere in your repo when I looked that required openpyxl. As stated in the previous posted, it seems to work fine in the cloud.

There is a pandas.read_excel method which needs the openpyxl engine, i assume.

Good eye, thanks @Franky1! The file being imported only has one sheet. I wonder if they could change it to a csv file or another format in order to remove the library. The app is small, and it is running fine in the cloud. I am unsure why OP has the loading problems, I cannot duplicate the issue.

I don’t see any reason either.

What do you mean by “another network”? Please be more precisely.

pandas.read_excel is noticeably slower than pandas.read_csv even for small data sets so switching to csv might help.