Data Privacy for Internal Business App

Hi All,

I am considering building a lightweight app, using Streamlit, which would be for internal usage only at the organisation where I work. This app would only ever be run locally on mine or a colleagues machine.

My question is - given the data we would be working with using this app would be commercially sensative, would the data in any way be visible / shared with / uploaded anywhere using Streamlit locally as mentioned above?

Any and all assistance appreciated.

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Hi @PatrikWagnerUK , there is no way locally residing, protected data will be available to unauthorized people, unless it is willfully done by an insider who had access to that data.

I have written several Streamlit applications with critical / sensitive data. There is no cause for worry. Streamlit is perfectly safe and awesome to use.



Cheers Shawn. I thought this was the case, but always worth checking!

All the best,