DataCommons Streamlit App (Census, CDC, ACS, + Gov't Data)

Hi all,

I am new here :wave: I am the founder a new company, Cybersyn, that is a data provider. Some of our datasets are paid/proprietary, but we are also pursuing a free strategy. To that end, we recently made a lot of the data on available on the Snowflake Data Marketplace. You can check out the listing here or, if you are a Snowflake customer, get to query it immediately here.

Most relevant to the community, we build demos of our datasets on Streamlit. See DataCommons here:

For those not familiar with DataCommons, the project was started at Google to integrate public data sources together (for instance, Census, BEA, BLS, ACS, United Nations, World Bank, etc.). The core insight of the project is that while there is a lot of free data out there, a lot of research is spent just tying public datasets together. Hopefully, this public listing and app helps DataCommons in their mission to make research on this data easier.

Would love to hear questions, comments, or suggestions!


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Amazing website Alex.
Is this built using Streamlit. tree view looks great.
Just wondering.

So to be clear, the Streamlit app link: is built in Streamlit. The original website is not.