Dataframes not showing on deployed app

Hi there.

I’m trying to deploy my app on the streamlit cloud. I get no errors while doing so and the managing app on the side of the page shows no errors as well while installing dependencies and deploying the app. The problem is that the dataframes are not being shown (they are shown locally), and i get no errors of any type that could give me a hint about what’s going on.

Here i attach three pictures so you all can have a better understanding of the issue. First one is how it is supposed to be and how the tables should be shown (this is locally). Second one is what is happening on the deployed app. Third one is a warning i get, but this error shows like 5 minutes later since i deployed the app, and it does not show as a consequence of uploading data in order to see the dataframe.

Here is the link to the repository in github. Hope I’ve explained myself and I’m looking forward to find a solution. Thanks all.

Fixed it:

  1. Error not showing because of a try/except: pass block i had.
  2. Openpyxl was not imported and not declared on requirements.txt. Necessary to read excel file.

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