Date picker values can be slow to update - Is that expected?

Hi guys,

I wanted to implement a date picker in some of my apps, via the code below:

import streamlit as st
import time
import datetime
from datetime import datetime, date, time

st.header("Official Date Picker")
st.date_input('start date')
st.date_input('end date')

All works fine however selecting dates via the date-picker can be slow at times (see an example in the Gif below, where the month value is stuck to “September 2020” despite clicking on the left arrow several times)

Am I implementing this properly?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hey Charly -

This was reported here, it might be a regression:

So it’s not you, and hopefully it can be resolved pretty quickly :slight_smile:

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Excellent Randy! Thanks for the quick turnaround!

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Quick heads-up @randyzwitch.

I uninstalled Streamit’s latest version and installed 0.63.1:

pip install streamlit==0.63.1

The date picker is working smoothly as expected :slight_smile:

JFYI not sure there was no matching distribution found for streamlit==0.63.2, unlike specified in the Github ticket you shared.