Dear streamlit dev,

I will be glade if you could be able improve the st.date_input(), and take into account the time.
In order to bypass this limitation, I’m using st.text_input, next I convert it into full datetime format (I don’t want to use st.slider(), It’ s ugly).
It’s not an elegant way but I hope if it will be better in next updates…

I’m a streamlit user since 2019, and I have see all the improvements done.
So thank you for this beautiful work :ok_hand: :wave:.


Hi @NotAfk ,

I love that you love streamlit! Can you post your idea onto github issues here:

If you do, streamlit’s PM and engineering team is more likely to see it. In addition, it makes sure that people can upvote your idea, reduce deduplication of ideas, and also makes the idea permanent.

Happy Streamlitting!


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I combine a date_input and a time_input to get a datetime from the user. Maybe a bit less convenient than a datetime widget would be, but way better than a slider or a text_input IMO.

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