Datepicker css style

Hi there was already a thread with regard to this topic: Formatting Date Picker

Now with new version 1.28.1 now it blue text on blue background, so no entry visible

I used:

datepicker_css  = """
            div[class="stDateInput"] div[class="st-b8"] input { color: white; background-color: white; border-color: #2d408d;}
            div[role="presentation"] div{ color: white;}
            div[data-baseweb="calendar"] button {color: white;}

Is there any opportunity o find the correct styles in the code?

Thanks for reporting this, @mauermbq! :pray:

Could you possibly log an issue ticket on GitHub?


@Charly_Wargnier , which issue type: bug, doc request?
just created Missing information about standard streamlit css styles and effect of custom themes Β· Issue #879 Β· streamlit/docs (

I would put it in β€˜bug’


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