Deck_gl_chart with proportional color symbols and tool tip

I try to plot a map with measured concentrations at well locations using deck_gl_chart. The colors should be proportional to the concentrations, e.g. light to dark red. the data structure would be like as follows {Station: ‘MW001’, latitude: 45.001, longitude: 7.162, value: 79.1} Also, I would like to see a tooltip when hovering over each station, showing the value and station name. In the examples, I showing the extruding hexagonal columns, I don’t see where the height of the columns is taken from. If anybody has a good example or recommendation for what I intend to do, I would be most grateful.

just discovered the global Power Plant database example on awesome Streamlit. That covers it pretty much, except maybe for the tooltips. However, I think there are open issues with this features.

Hi @godot63,
thanks for posting. I am happy you found an example that covers your needs. As you said, there is an open issue for the tooltip.
Just reporting here the link: