New Streamlit Release: 0.53.0


  • :world_map: Support for all DeckGL features! Just use Pydeck instead of st.deck_gl_chart. To do that, simply pass a PyDeck object to st.pydeck_chart, st.write, or magic.

    Note that as a preview release things may change in the near future.
    Looking forward to hearing input from the community before we stabilize the

    The goals is for this to replace st.deck_gl_chart, since it
    is does everything the old API did and much more!

  • :new: Better handling of Streamlit upgrades while developing. We now auto-reload
    the browser tab if the app it is displaying uses a newer version of Streamlit
    than the one the tab is running.

  • :crown: New favicon, with our new logo!

Notable fixes:

  • Magic now works correctly in Python 3.8. It no longer causes
    docstrings to render in your app.

Breaking changes:

  • Updated how we calculate the default width and height of all chart types.
    We now leave chart sizing up to your charting library itself, so please refer
    to the library’s documentation.

    As a result, the width and height arguments have been deprecated
    from most chart commands, and use_container_width has been introduced
    everywhere to allow you to make charts fill as much horizontal space as
    possible (this used to be the default).


Sweet! Can’t wait to add some pydeck goodness to our apps.

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Excited to try… is there any way to map a spatial raster/ image to the maps… not accessing tiles from a server but rather a local Geotiff or netcdf file?

Thanks for this update! Does it also make updating dynamic charts smoother when using interactive sliders?

@cwerner I don’t know DeckGL/Pydeck support that (I’m not a expert on those libraries :slight_smile:) but if they do then you’ll likely need to serve the local file somehow. We don’t have an official way to do that via Streamlit yet (we’re looking into it!), but here are some ideas what to do in the meantime.

@stefanuddenberg , I’m not sure what you mean. Is there a bug or thread about this?

@stefanuddenberg and @thiago. My guess is that this is an example of a github issue related to dynamic updating is slower in Streamlit than for example Jupyter and/ or Voila . And here is a similar one Disabling continuous update when interacting with slider

It works like a charm! I love that you can set the height for plots now. Looking forward to testing the other features and bug fixes. Thanks for this release!

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I’ve upgraded with success. I just had to refactor height, width settings for charts.

But I also tried out st.pydeck_chart and I cannot get tooltips working and I also experience other issues. See



Loving pydeck support so far! :heart: Just getting started, but here is an app that I’ll use as a demo at our local meetup next week :hugs: